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we supply chromed bar and tubes for hydualic and pheumatic cylinders. we are confident to provide our consumers flexible and diversified solutions. EPG will often adhere to it enterprise spirit of becoming useful, revolutionary, effective and superb to make the prime international transmission push.

The EPT motor of PGF hello-speed knitting EPTT is used with the approach of frequency conversion, which enables the stepless speed manage even during the procedure, for example: although the feeding breaks (finishes), the EPTT is instantly stopped whilst the auto feeding gadget is utilised for knitting main fabirc, for the two thick or skinny main substance inside of the limit, the supply is uniform the EPTT is also stopped routinely while main breaking(finishing) to steer clear of degrated solution. And the braided fabric that is created with PGF hello-velocity knitting EPTT is of higher qualify and much more trustworthy.

II, Functions AND Materials OF KNITTING
PGF hello-pace knitting EPTT is able to knit curtain belt, shoe belt, cummerbund of the styles of column, pipe, and flat, and pipe-form jacket, and so on.
Numerous types of material are adoptable for PGF hi-speed knitting EPTT, these kinds of as cotton yarn, chemical fibre yarn, silk, comfortable steel wire, and so on.

III, Features
PGF hi-speed knitting EPTT is of the near composition, practical for procedure, very computerized, quick for adjustment, dependable for operation, of reduced noise, of larger efficiency, of EPT top quality and so on.

IV, Operation Strategies
Just before starting the EPTT, shall verify the following products:
1 whether the EPTT strain is appropriate
two whether or not the earth gadget is trustworthy
three whether or not the motor steering is correct
four cleanse up the table, and other obstructions that affect the procedure of the EPTT
five no matter whether the EPTT oil is qualified (oil design, oil volume)
As soon as the earlier mentioned products are checked and handed, comply with up the below techniques to start off the EPTT:
1 connect the EPTT (EPTT 2 section 380v)
2 move the switch of EPT box to the stage of quotON quot(the EPTT provide indicator is on, which implies it is EPTTed)
3 push the start button
four flip the rotating-set up button clockwise
five refer to the handbook of frequency conversion EPTT to operation the EPTT.

If the yarn breaks(finishes) even though the EPTT is doing work, the breaking indicator is on. Verify every single yarn cop. If the yarn is damaged, pull the conclude of that yarn in the direction of the finished knitting, and then push the startup button if the yarn cop is vacant, consider off that one particular, and replace it and thread the yarn and pull the stop of yarn toward the concluded knitting, and then push the startup button. If the core is damaged, check the core unEPTTthe EPTT human body, and pull the finish of the core in direction of the finished one particular, and then press the button to knit.

To alter the pace of the best left EPT on the cEPTTr column can acquire distinct pace of bound, and various sheer-condition cross details of each and every length in mm (or named as item density, merchandise no.)

Refer to the below chart and table one for specifics

DIAGRAM OF Equipment

Contrast desk in between the sure pace of hi-pace knitting EPTT and EPT EPTTble one
(from the remaining to the proper)
Frequency of motor: 60HzZB=30ZC=28
ZA speed of certain CM/min quantity of sheer-shape cross stage/CM

Frequency of motor: 60HzZB=30ZC=36
ZA velocity of bound CM/min variety of sheer-shape cross point/CM

Frequency of motor: 60HzZB=30ZC=38
ZA speed of sure CM/min number of sheer-shape cross stage/CM

Notice: While the frequency of motor is not 60HZ, the speed of bound is that the value in the over table instances the actual function frequency/60, and the sheer-shape cross position is not changed.

For the EPTT that is being employed, should lubricate its direct, spline ingot groove, and the lubrication volume can not spill in excess of, and it is very best to lubricate it just steering clear of dry-operating. Have to add oil on the concave ring of spline shaft, at lEPT two moments for every eigEPTT hours, several drops for every time.
The oil that is mainly used on the spline EPT box have to be changed entirely right after 1 thirty day period, and then, is to be supplemEPTTd according to oil scale quantity. During the production, determine regardless of whether to trade lubrication (the lubrication employed on the EPTT is 32#) according to the oil status. Shall thoroughly clean up the float on any parts often (do not do it even though the EPTT is running).

VIII, Safety measures for Installation and Assembly amp Unassembled
Installation: must place the EPTT on the rigid ground, and have to hold it in degree after even though putting in the rear table board.
Hanging Installation: if this EPTT is moved after dis-packaged, regardless of whether for forklift or crane, the stage of power shall alwaEPTTbe set on the reduced crosspiece unEPTTthe holEPTTof the quadrate pipe EPTT, have to not on the table board of the knitting EPTT.

EPTTAL Element

Hello-velocity sealing knitting EPTT Operation handbook Whole eleven pages
Web page six
seven.2 normal faults and remedy strategies for frequency conversion EPTT in below desk

Fault exhibit Fault material amp description Treatment techniques
E.O.C.A Overcurrent in acceleration 1, check no matter whether the motor is shorted or partly shorted
2, increase the acceleration time
3, the configurations of frequency conversion EPTT is not rational, and EPT the potential of the frequency conversion EPTT
4, minimize the torque to increase the rated value.
E.OC.n Overcurrent in consistent pace one, examine whether or not the motor is shorted, regardless of whether the output wire is insulated effectively
2, examine whether the motor is stopped to operate, no matter whether the mechanical load waves
three, verify whether the capacity of the frequency conversion EPTT is way too tiny, and EPT the capacity of the frequency conversion EPTT
4, verify whether .the voltage of the EPTT network waves.


Overcurrent in deceleration
Overcurrent in stopping
1 check out regardless of whether the wire insulation is well, whether the motor is shorted
two EPT the deceleration time
three substitute by a frequency conversion EPTT of bigger capacity
four the braking capacity of immediate recent is too large, and reduce the braking capacity of direct existing
five for the EPTT fault, deliver again to the factory for repair.
E. GF.a
E. GF.n
E. GF.d
Shortcut to floor one check whether the wire of motor is shorted
2 boost the EPTT community, and verify whether or not there is the wave of voltage
three ship back again for mend




Overcurrent in acceleration
Overcurrent in deceleration
Overcurrent in continual speed
Overcurrent in deceleration
1 extend the deceleration time, or incorporate with the brake resistor
2 boost the EPTT community, and check out no matter whether there is the wave of voltage.
E. Fb.a
E. Fb.n
E. Fb.d
Fuse melted

If fuse melted, deliver again for mend
E. Lu.A
E. Lu.n
E. Lu.d
Reduced voltage one check out whether the voltage is typical
two examine regardless of whether the load waves
three verify whether or not the period is lacked.
E. OH.n
E. OH.d
Overheat of frequency
conversion EPTT
one verify regardless of whether the fan is stopped to run, no matter whether the radiating piece is lined by imEPT
2 check out whether or not the setting temperature is regular
three check out whether the airing area is sufficient, whether the air is convective
E. OL.n
E. OL.d
Overload of frequency
conversion EPTT
a hundred and fifty% for each minute
one verify whether the frequency conversion EPTT is of smaller capability, regardless of whether is covered by imEPT
2 verify whether or not the load of the EPTT is blocked
three V/F curve is not set well, and shall be reset.

Hello-velocity sealing knitting EPTT Procedure guide Total 11 webpages
Webpage 7

EPT overload 150% per one minute 1 check out whether the mechanical load moves
2 the motor distribution is as well modest
three the motor is overheated, and the insulation gets to be even worse
four check regardless of whether the voltage moves greatly
five examine no matter whether the phase is lacked
6 the mechanical load is EPTd.
Over-torque of motor one check whether the mechanical load moves
2 examine regardless of whether the motor configuration is also modest.
E. bs.n
E. bs.d
E. bs.s
The electromagnetic contactor assistant coil does not suggestions. Send out back again for repair
E. bT.n
E. bT.d
The brake transistor is damaged. Get in touch with with the factory.
E. EC.n
E. EC.d
CPU fault Make contact with with the factory.
E. EE.n
E. EE.d
E Promenade fault Speak to with the factory.
ER Exterior interference Insulation with the interference source
ES Crisis parking UnEPTTthe emergency status
20 4-20mA damaged circuit EPT with the previously mentioned damaged a single
Pr Error of specification set up Correct specification of setup
DCb Brake position of immediate current UnEPTTthe brake status of immediate present

Hi-velocity sealing knitting EPTT Operation guide Overall 11 web pages
Webpage eight
VIII, Key function, perform screen, operation introduction of HLPC 0D7523A EPTT operation EPTT
8.1 important perform of HLPC 0D7523A EPTT procedure EPTT

1 PROG programming/function display crucial
2 EPTTR/DISP crucial of information affirmation, following the data is amended, press this crucial to validate the entry of details
3 up/down keys, select specification, amend details and so on.
4 Run demand essential of operation, begin procedure
5 End/RESET stop/ reset essential, end operation, and the operation is disturbed, and reset
six FREQ Set frequency set up button, can established up this button in orEPTTto input the primary frequency.

Hello-velocity sealing knitting EPTT Procedure guide Whole eleven internet pages
Page 9
eight.2 Rationalization of function show objects

  1. T 50. frequency charge fifty. HZ
  2. F 50. rated frequency fifty. HZ
  3. R 02. output of existing two.0A
  4. U220 output of voltage 220V
  5. U540 immediate voltage 540V
  6. r 39. temperature 39 ordmC
  7. .001 counter
  8. L50. PID comments is fifty%
  9. 000. running pace
  10. Fo r good operating
  11. r EU unfavorable working

Hi-velocity sealing knitting EPTT Operation handbook Overall eleven webpages
Page ten
eight.3 Explanation of keyboard

EPTT on #8594 screen F00.(push PROG) #8594display FOR or REV (push PROG) #8594 present C000 (the operate code variety interface can make use of #9661 #9651keEPTTto modify the flash digit variety, the last digit flashes) #8594 (press EPTTR) current C000 (The first digit flashes) #8594 (press EPTTR) current C000 (The first digit flashes) #8594 (press EPTTR) present C000, the final digit flashes.

Instance: c111 is set as two, as adhering to
EPTT on #8594 display F00. #8594 FOR #8594C000 (the previous digit flashes) #8594C001 (the very last digit is changed into 1, and flashes) press EPTTR #8594C001 (The center digit flashes) press #9651 #8594C011 (the middle digit is altered into 1, and flashes) press EPTTR #8594C011 (The initial digit flashes) press #9651 #8594C111 (the first digit is changed into 1, and flashes) press EPTTR EPTT #8594present (push #9651) #8594present 2 (existing EPTTr EPTT, and it really is ok) #8594C112

Hello-speed sealing knitting EPTT Operation guide Whole eleven pages
Website page 11
VIII, EPT Diagram (see attachment)


I. EPTT Introduction
The substantial-velocity braiding EPTT uses a kind of EPTT and novel layout. Four sixteen-spindle braiding EPTTs are built-in into 1 unity. By making use of the VFD-A sort alternating present motor EPTr that is produced by means of combining the laptop manage EPT, the centralized frequency-alter and stepless velocity regulation can be realized. The EPTT is supplied with numerous varieties of automated protective functions such as: automatic cease even though the line breaks, in excess of torque, over voltage, unEPTTvoltage, overheating, over load and so on. The EPTT also has different outstXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. advantages, for example: substantial rotate speed, substantial production effectiveness, small floor area, minimal sound, EPTT provider daily life and effortless procedure as nicely as strength conserving. It is the upgrading and new technology merchandise of conventional disc braiding EPTT.
II. Standard EPTnical Parameters
Rated EPTT of motor: 075W
Rated velocity of motor: 1390r/min
Variety of spindle: sixteen*4 960*790*seven hundred(L*B*H)
24*two 1240*620*seven-hundred(L*B*H)
Specification of quill:( Phi48*one hundred sixty)mm
Spindle speed: 350r/min
Approach of speed adjustment: frequency-alter and stepless velocity regulation
III. Service Conditions
Voltage of EPTT supply: AC220V plusmn10%HUO or AC380V plusmn10%
Frequency of EPTT provide: 50HZ plusmn5%
Ambient temperature: -10 ordmC-forty ordmC(no condensation and no freeze)
Ambient humidity: unEPTT90%RH(no condensation)
Operating surroundings: no drinking water droplets, steam, dust and grease stain
no putridity, flammable gas and liquid
no drifting dust and metallic particle
sound foundation, no significant vibration
no interruption of electromagnetic sounds.
IV. Installation
4.1The products fixture base are not essential for the installation of this EPTT. Only location the EPTT on the sound and even concrete ground and keep degree with no vibration.
four.two Configuration of EPTT EPT According to the client demand, the EPTT may supply substantial velocity braiding EPTTs that are applied to two types of voltage amounts: 220V, 50HZ and 380V, 50HZ. The person shall link traces appropriately according to the relevant voltage degree of purchased equipment. Be confident no improper relationship so as to stay away from that the EPTT cannot function usually or any injury takes place.
four.two.2 When user disposes the EPTT provide of large velocity braiding EPTT, you should EPTTly care whether there is a trustworthy ground line in the electric power grid (SV220VAC380V)system (i.e. Whether or not there is dependable grounding for socket grounded phase of EPTT provide AC220V or AV380V). If not, an extra protective floor line for the EPTT must be manufactured. Its foundation resistance shall not be more than 4 Omega. And then merge it into the grounded phase of EPTT socket (SV220V or AC380V) or inducted to the grounding end of the EPTT immediately.

four.two.three The EPTT line relationship of the EPTT is already accomplished for users. The grounded phase of EPTT supply plug is rightly connected with grounding finish of the EPTT. The person just wants to insert the EPTT offer plug into the EPTT supply socket that is well prepared according to related voltage stage to connect the present.
4.3 In the case of not connecting the current, open up the doorway of EPT control box with the supplied crucial to verify no matter whether electrical factors in EPT manage box are damaged or loosening. If the connecting line is loosening, appropriate steps need to be carried out in time.
5.1 No-load Examination Swap on the EPTT offer of EPT manage box Switch on the change of EPTT source inside of the EPT handle box. If the indicating lamp of EPTT offer on the manage panel and appropriate indicating lamp on EPTT operator panel of frequency changer illuminate, it is indicated that almost everything is rigEPTT and no-load test can be operated. Flip the pace-regulating potentiometer of frequency location knob on the EPT manage box panel back again to the scale fifty(anti-clockwise rotation). Instantaneously press the button to make the EPTT to rotate instantaneously and observe whether it is rotating clockwise or not. If not, exchange the positions of U and V of output port of frequency changer. Look at and make certain that the all working is fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble and smooth to make sure no obstructions and irregular clash. If some thing incorrect occurs, related motives should be found in orEPTTto fix the dilemma. Press the startup button on manage panel, then gradually increase the controlling strain of alternating motor EPTr (i.e. gradually rotate the potentiometer knob clockwise) at the very same time, observe and make sure that the speeds of motor and rotation board are escalating slowly and that the working is regular.
5.1.five Push the quit button on management panel and look at no matter whether the motor is synchronized with the instruction. If not, the cause shall be located in orEPTTto get rid of the fault.
5.two Load Take a look at
5.2.1 Soon after no-load take a look at is finished, the load take a look at can be operated. Spot the braiding spindle into the desktop XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.. Equip the braiding spindle with the needed specified quill with the necessary shade yarn in accordance to the fancy yarns that will be weaved and get every thing completely ready.
5.2.2 Swap the speed-regulating potentiometer knob on the EPT handle box panel back again to the scale , instantaneously push the button to flip on motor and make it rotate. Watch that the operating of quill has obstacle or clash. If something incorrect takes place, the explanation shall be found in orEPTTto eliminate the fault.
5.2.3 Drive the startup button and flip the velocity-regulating potentiometer knob. Make the motor to keep operating for a whilst(five~10min)in the velocity of 1000r/min. If almost everything is appropriate, minimize off one particular yarn by manual. If the motor is turned off at after, it is proved that computerized quit protective gadget is sensitive. So, the EPTT examination is concluded totally. The EPTT can be place into the standard creation.
VI. Particular Notices
In orEPTTto guarantee the securities of people and gear and receive the ideal services result, we would like to notably rXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.d all of users that following cases need to be paid a lot more attentions although setting up this EPTT.

6.1 The workshop with the set up of this EPTT should have good floor wire with ground resistance of less than 4

6.two This EPTT need to be grounded independently it shall not be jointly grounded with high electrical-existing EPTTs, these kinds of as electric welding EPTT and large-EPTT electrical motor. The EPTal location of floor line need to be equal or far more than 4mm2.
6.three Just before this EPTT is still left from the producing manufacturing unit, for 108 parameters of frequency changer, following eighteen parameters (see desk 1) want to reset according to demands of the EPTT technological overall performance, and the other a hundred thirty parameters are all kept as what they are established at production manufacturing unit. If there is no EPTT need, buyers remember to do not randomly change frequency changer parameters any far more.

Purpose code Perform Environment scope and perform rationalization Set value
C001 Accelerating time environment .1~6500S 4
C006 Intermediate voltage setting .1~255/510 thirteen
C007 Intermediate frequency placing .01~600 2.5
C571 Max. frequency location fifty.~600. 50
C012 Managing handle placing ~2 1
C013 Operating frequency choice ~two 1
C015 Halting way selection ~1 1
C016 Reverse turning option ~one 1
C571 Startup frequency setting .1~ten 5
C571 Inching frequency setting ~600 twenty
C033 Accelerating time setting .one~6500S 3
C050 Multi-purposeful enter stop FOR 1
C051 Multi-purposeful input finish REV 4
C053 Multi-useful input stop SPH seven
C075 Analog quantity EPT environment .~600 fifty
C088 EPT rated rotate velocity ~9999 270
C100 EPTT torque compensation .~ten. 5

6.four When frequency changer outputting, in output facet primary circuit, alternating recent making contact with place is not authorized providing and breaking EPTT supply.
six.five When the temperature in workshop surpasses 40 ordmC, pressured air cooling measure ought to be adopted to EPT management box.
6.six When in excess of torque or other faults take place, ahead of the reason is obvious and faults are solved, frequency changer can’t be began again in orEPTTto avoid bringing damage to the EPTT. The method of restarting frequency changer is: one. To start with push the RESET button on frequency changer EPTT operator panel and then push the quit button on major managing EPT box procedure panel and finally press the startup button 2. Switch off the EPTT supply in major managing EPT box and change on yet again, and then press the startup button.
six.7 When the switch of EPTT supply in EPT handle box is turned off and prior to indicating lamp on frequency changer EPTT operator panel goes out, any element of circuit inside EPT control box cannot be touched or any assembly and disassembly and wiring are not able to be accomplished.
6.8 Soon after braiding spindle is mounted in the quill, reverse turning is not authorized any more in this EPTT.
6.9 Max. working rotate pace of this EPTT is created as 350r/min, but really affordable rotate pace is about 300r/min. Prior to this EPTT leaves manufacturing manufacturing unit, its max. working rotate speed is established to be restricted inside affordable rotate pace scope. Customers you should do not randomly adjust corresponding parameters any a lot more to boost the velocity. In this way, EPTT incident can be avoided.
6.ten This EPTT cannot operate EPTT time (significantly less than 30min) at reduced velocity of considerably less than 100r/min, in any other case electric motor will be ruined due to overheating.
6.eleven It is unfavorable for this EPTT to be started out and stopped at minimal or substantial rotate speed (when the EPTT is started, if rotate speed is as well minimal, commencing torque is lower and this EPTT is difficult to be started out up but if rotate velocity is too higher, starting current is too higher and frequency changer is very easily overloaded. When the EPTT is stopped, if rotate speed is also large, frequency changer is very easily to be more than voltage. When the EPTT is started up, remember to first of all switch the knob of velocity-regulating potentiometer on EPT handle box operation panel to the scale fifty (about 100r/min) and then press the startup button. When the EPTT is stopped, remember to flip the knob of speed-regulating potentiometer back again to the scale 50 and then push the quit button.
six.12 Pressure-evidence examination of spare parts within frequency changer is forbidden.
six.13 The important of EPT management box of this EPTT is kept by its operator. And non-operator can not function primary managing EPT box.
six.fourteen The electric powered portion of this EPTT need to be taken care of and fixed by experienced and skilled EPT specialists.
7.Frequent faults and options
7.1 Typical faults and solutions of EPT control circuit can be noticed in table 2.

EPT-pace Braiding EPTT Instruction Complete web pages
No. Website page
No. Fault Fault cause and solution
1 Switch on EPTT source Indicating lamp does not mild line conclude looses or fuse breaks
two Inching button Electric motor can’t run instantaneously Poor speak to of the button Error of parameter location Fault of frequency changer
2.1.four Poor speak to of electric motor relationship or fault of electric motor
two.1.5 Hurdles at working element of the system
3 Press the startup button
four Press the quit button
5 EPTT quit are not able to seem when the line breaks Fault or damage of electronic circuit
five.12 Mini-relay
five.1.three Fault of EPTT transformer Hurt or poor contact of line-split mini-relay

  in Bordeaux France  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Spped Weaving Machine 7 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Bordeaux France  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Spped Weaving Machine 7 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler