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GRH specialized in supplying hydraulic elements and solutions for hydraulic techniques.
With steady improvement and enthusiasm in excess of the previous 30 several years, CZPT has developed into an emerging power in the fluid power industry considering that it was recognized in 1986.

GRH (ZheJiang )  – Worldwide Product sales Workplace
GRH (ZheJiang )  –  Manufacturing Facility and Domestic Revenue Workplace
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Model displacement(ml/r) strain bar speed rpm
peak rated
CB-P160LJ53S33BB a hundred and sixty 60(2250PSI) 1000
CB-P125LJ53S33BB a hundred twenty five 60(2250PSI) a thousand
CB-P90LJ53S33BB ninety 60(2250PSI) one thousand
CB-P56LJ53S33BB 56 sixty(2250PSI) one thousand
CB-P160LJ42H21SS one hundred sixty sixty(2250PSI) 540
CB-P125LJ42H21SS a hundred twenty five 60(2250PSI) 540
CB-P90LJ42H21SS ninety 60(2250PSI) 540

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Mesh Form: External Engaged
Tooth Flank: Straight Tooth
Tooth Curve: Involute
Power: Hydraulic
Type: Normal Line Gear Pump
Applications: Machinery Manufacturing
US$ 160/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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